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2022/07/08 で確認できている、公開情報やアナウンスをピックアップ、まとめました。


2022/07/08 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Digital transformation for manufacturers requires additional IT/OT security

What is desktop as a service (DaaS) and how can it help your organization?

Azure Update

Generally available: Azure Functions retry policy for Event Hubs and timer triggers

General availability: Azure Database for PostgreSQL—Hyperscale (Citus) supports PostgreSQL minor versions

Public preview: Migration tools for Azure Monitor Agent

General availability: Azure Archive Storage now available in South Africa North

General availability: Application Insights standard test for synthetic monitoring

Public preview: 2022-06-30 Azure IoT Central REST API release is now live

Microsoft Tech Community

Coming soon to ADF: More Pipeline Expression Builder Ease-of-Use Enhancements!

How to create API connection (Logic App consumption) using ARM REST API

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management is now generally available!

Lesson Learned #219:Hands-On-Labs: What do I need to do in case of high CPU wait time

Introducing support for Pgrouting and PLV8 extensions in PostgreSQL Flexible Server

Backup Logic App Standard workflow definitions via Azure Function



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