Azure Blog / Azure Update / Microsoft Tech Community ピックアップ (2022/07/29)


2022/07/29 で確認できている、公開情報やアナウンスをピックアップ、まとめました。


2022/07/29 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Generally available: Trusted Launch support for DCsv3 and DCdsv3 series Virtual Machines

Public preview: Azure Synapse Analytics Spark elastic pool storage

General availability: Azure Sphere version 22.07

Microsoft Tech Community

Implementing Consumer Data Right (CDR) Solutions on Azure

General availability of Trusted Launch support for DCsv3/DCdsv3 VMs

Azure Synapse Analytics July Update 2022

Debugging Postgres autovacuum problems: 13 tips

Announcing machine learning features in Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Testing connectivity against a Managed Instance using a CNAME

Business Impacts to Healthy Cloud Monitoring



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