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2022/09/09 のピックアップ

Microsoft Tech Community

User Managed Identity support for Auditing SQL Azure database:

Building the Lakehouse – Implementing a Data Lake Strategy with Azure Synapse

How much would a Bot cost?

Using Azure online disk expansion for SAP

Caching made easy in Azure SQL DB with FusionCache | Data Exposed

Use Static Web Apps API and API Management Authorizations to integrate third party service

A quick start guide to benchmarking AI models in Azure: MLPerf Inference v2.1

Protect Applications in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Azure WAF

On-demand backups, server logs, and more, now available in Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server!

Is your Data Estate Well-Architected?

General availability: Azure Sphere OS version 22.09 expected on September 22

Exploring the New Resource Specific Structured Logging in Azure Firewall

Azure Windows Virtual Machine Activation: two new KMS IP addresses (…and why you should care)

Keeping your dependencies updated with Azure Pipelines and Dependabot

Collect Thread Dump and Heap Dump on Linux App Service (Java/Tomcat)

Azure Spring Apps – Config Server with SSH Authentication