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2022/09/27 で確認できている、公開情報やアナウンスをピックアップ、まとめました。


2022/09/27 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

EPAM and Microsoft partner on data governance solutions with Microsoft Energy Data Services

Azure Update

General availability: Azure NetApp Files new regions and cross-region replication

Microsoft Tech Community

Terraform locally run from Windows with State file in Azure Storage

Terraform with Azure Cloud Shell & State file in Azure Storage

Azure Cost Optimisation

How to determine what devices are connecting to a storage account

Microsoft Graph API – um gateway para seus dados da nuvem Microsoft

Kusto Emulator Installation Video

Monitoring and troubleshooting apps in Azure Functions

Announcing general availability for Azure Functions v4 .NET framework support in an isolated process

Group costs by host pool with Cost Management now in Public Preview for Azure Virtual Desktop

Announcing public preview of SSO and passwordless authentication for Azure Virtual Desktop

General Availability: Azure Sphere version 22.09 new and updated features



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