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2022/09/28 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

New Azure for Operators solution accelerator offers a fast path to network insights

Azure Update

General availability: Azure Policy built-in definitions for Azure NetApp Files

Microsoft Tech Community

Azure SQL and Azure SQL Managed Instance – Backup retention polices Loading …

Could not connect to mail server. (No such host is known)

Augmenting electrical infrastructure inspection with automated ML for Images

Delete Passwords: Passwordless Connections for Java Apps to Azure Services

How to take secure, on-demand backups on SQL Managed Instance

Full Text Indexing Basics with Azure SQL | Data Exposed: MVP Edition

MERGE T-SQL for Dedicated SQL pools is now GA!

[Event Announcement] Microsoft @ Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022

Revamped SQL Permission system for Principle of Least Privilege and external policies – internals



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