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2022/10/04 で確認できている、公開情報やアナウンスをピックアップ、まとめました。


2022/10/04 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Advancing anomaly detection with AIOps—introducing AiDice

Azure Update

General availability: Smart tiering to vault-archive tier for Azure Backup

Azure Machine Learning—Public preview updates for September 2022

Azure Machine Learning—General availability updates for September 2022

Generally available: Azure Ultra Disk Storage in China North 3

Microsoft Tech Community

Como melhorar a performance de uma Azure Function usando SQL binding

Form Recognizer’s document layout analysis model adds new structure insights

Apply Zero Trust Principles to Authentication Session Management with Continuous Access Evaluation

Universal rendering with Nuxt 3 and Azure Static Web Apps

Upgrade Azure Database for MySQL – Single Server to Flexible Server using Azure DMS

Windows Autopilot | How It Works & How to Set It Up

Generating OCR Insight in Videos – the Story of a Successful Microsoft Collaboration



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