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2022/10/26 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Image Analysis 4.0 with new API endpoint and OCR model in preview

Azure Update

Generally available: Custom IP Prefixes (BYOIP) now available in US Government regions

Microsoft Tech Community

SSMS Performance Dashboard for Managed Instance shows different percent of CPU usage

Upcoming changes to the CommonSecurityLog table

Identity Protection alerts are coming to Microsoft 365 Defender

Advanced Microsoft Authenticator security features are now generally available!

Monitoring serverless SQL ended requests by using Log Analytics.

Introducing a Notebook gallery image to process Geospatial data from Planetary Computer with STAC AP

Synapse Connectivity Series Part #1 – Inbound SQL DW connections on Public Endpoints

Azure Cache for Redis: What’s Your Session Stability Score?

Azure portal September 2022 updates

General availability: Azure Sphere OS version 22.10

Azure AD B2C: User Journey Time Out through Custom Policy

10 areas of impact on AKS hybrid when using Group Policy

Empowering SOCs with Azure AD Identity Protection in Microsoft 365 Defender