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2022/11/09 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Zero downtime migration for Azure Front Door—now in preview

Announcing more Azure VMware Solution enhancements

Accelerate your cloud-native journey with Azure Monitor

Azure Update

General availability: Default Rule Set 2.1 for Azure Web Application Firewall

Public preview: Exporting ISE and Consumption Logic Apps to Standard SKU

General availability: Virtual Machine software reservations

Generally available: New node sizing for Azure VMware Solution

Generally available: Azure Static Web Apps now fully supports .NET 7

Generally available: Functions now supports .NET 7 in an isolated worker process

Generally available: Block domain fronting behavior on newly created customer resources

Microsoft Tech Community

Upcoming Developer & Technical Events in the UK

Automated Key Rotation Generally Available on Azure Key Vault Managed HSM

Synapse Spark Delta Time Travel

Azure DMS – MySQL Migrate User Accounts and Privileges Now in Preview

Announcing the .NET 7 for Azure functions isolated worker process is generally available

Announcing general availability of FSLogix profiles for Azure AD-joined VMs in Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Data Studio and BDC Retirement

Azure DevOps – Leveraging Pipeline Decorators for Custom Process Automation

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