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2022/11/11 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

New Project Flash Update: Advancing Azure Virtual Machine availability monitoring

Do more with less using new Azure HX and HBv4 virtual machines for HPC

Azure Update

Azure Machine Learning—Public preview updates for November 2022

Azure Percept DK Retirement Announcement

Azure Machine Learning—Generally availability updates for November 2022

Public preview: Upgrade from Azure Front Door Standard to Premium tier

Public preview: Azure Front Door zero downtime migration

Public preview: Azure Maps Creator feature – Wayfinding

Public preview: Azure Front Door integration with managed identities

Microsoft Tech Community

Azure Monitor: Check and Assess Log Analytics Workspace, Application Insights and Dedicated Cluster

Synapse Serverless SQL Pool – Performance and cost optimization with partitioning

Search Service fails to update an Indexer when the Storage account is behind a firewall

Evolving networking with a DPU-powered edge

Demystifying Data Ingestion in Azure Synapse Data Explorer

Azure Communication Services November 2022 Feature Updates

Multiple Front Ends for the Same Scaleset

Reducing replication lag with IO concurrency in Postgres 15

Performance of Azure HBv4 and HX VMs for HPC

Intro assessment tooling for Oracle database migrations to Azure Database for PostgreSQL & Azure SQL

3 reasons to optimize your workloads with Azure Advisor.



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