Azure Blog / Azure Update / Microsoft Tech Community ピックアップ (2022/11/16)


2022/11/16 で確認できている、公開情報やアナウンスをピックアップ、まとめました。


2022/11/16 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Empowering ISVs to build and sell with the Microsoft Cloud

Azure Update

General availability: Per Rule Actions on regional Web Application Firewall

General availability: TLS 1.3 with Application Gateway

General availability: Azure Sphere TKS updated; OS version 22.11 expected December 1

Microsoft Tech Community

Scale Azure Container Apps Using KEDA Integration

Some troubleshooting clue when mounting storage in App Service

Introducing Network HUD for Azure Stack HCI

Network HUD: November 2022 content update has arrived!

[Pointer] Introducing Network HUD for Azure Stack HCI

Integrating SAP with Microsoft Office

Utilizing Zero Trust architecture principles for External Identities

Developers guide to Gramine Open-Source Lib OS for running unmodified Linux Apps with Intel SGX

Updated Mixed Reality Partner University courses now available!



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