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2022/12/09 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Public preview: New Memory Optimized VM sizes – E96bsv5 and E112ibsv5

Microsoft Tech Community

Log Compaction in Azure Event Hubs – Public Preview

Build data driven business case for SQL Server migration to Azure

Deploying an application with Azure CI/CD pipeline to a Service Fabric cluster

Automated Detection and Response for Azure WAF with Sentinel

Migrate databases from Amazon RDS for SQL Server to Azure SQL Database – Part

Synapse – Data Lake vs. Delta Lake vs. Data Lakehouse

Optimize HANA deployments with Azure NetApp Files application volume group for SAP HANA

Armchair Architects: So, you want to build a platform…

Understanding Connectivity issues in SQL Database | Data Exposed

What is the 5G User Plane Function (UPF)?

Architectural Guidance – Azure Monitor private links with Microsoft Sentinel

Leverage Copy Data Parallelism with Dynamic Partitions in ADF/Synapse Meta-Data Driven Pipelines

What’s New: Introducing Microsoft Sentinel solution for ServiceNow bi-directional sync

What’s New: 250+ Solutions in Microsoft Sentinel Content hub!

Microsoft brings FIPS 140 Compliance to Authenticator supporting Federal Agencies