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2022/12/16 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Learn how Microsoft datacenter operations prepare for energy issues

Azure Update

General availability: Feature enhancements to Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Generally Available: Azure Dedicated Host – Restart

General availability: Azure Arc-enabled servers in Azure China

Microsoft Tech Community

Disaster Recovery Strategy in Azure Databricks using the Hive External Metastore (SQL DB)

WordPress on Azure App Service – Top features you must know about

Lesson Learned #250: All started with the phrase: In PowerBI Direct Query is slow-ColumnStore Index

Announcement: Introducing Azure Integration Services Landing Zone Accelerator

Demystifying data consumption using Azure Synapse Data Explorer

MSSparkUtils is the Swiss Army knife inside Synapse Spark

Holographic Microsoft Teams features empower hybrid collaboration in the industrial metaverse

Customer Managed Key feature in Azure PostgreSQL Flexible Server is GA in number of Azure regions!

Azure Learn Article: Deploy private 5G networks on Azure

End user passwordless utopia

Announcing Public Preview of Viewing SQL Server Databases – Azure Arc

Microsoft Purview- Paint By Numbers Series (Part 0) – Overview

Microsoft Purview – Paint By Numbers Series (Part 5d) – Premium eDiscovery – Communications

Process Azure Event Hubs data using Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows

Azure PostgreSQL connections performance – How to identify and resolve issues



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