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2023/01/05 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Public preview: Azure Cosmos DB V2 Connector for Power BI

Private Preview: Featured Clothing

Azure Backup for SAP HANA: General availability updates for Dec 2022

Public Preview: IT Service Management Connector (ITSMC) is now certified with ServiceNow Tokyo version

Microsoft Tech Community

Unable to load Service Fabric Explorer

Lesson Learned #266: Avoiding duplicate statistics

How to reduce the deployment time using the file compression technique in Azure App Service

Improve Spark pool utilization with Synapse Genie

Managed identities: A Reliable Option for Power BI Embedded Multitenancy Apps

Lesson Learned #267: Rename failed for Database ‘XXX’ in Azure SQL Database

Lesson Learned #268:Error occurred during the pre-login handshake-The semaphore timeout period

Lab Guide – Azure AD CBA on Mobile

Now in Public Preview: Approval workflow for data asset curation



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