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2023/01/06 のピックアップ

Azure Update

General Availability: Azure Sphere support for European Data Boundary

General availability: Apache log4J2 sink to Azure Data Explorer

Microsoft Tech Community

Announcing Cosmos DB to Azure Data Explorer Synapse Link (public preview)

How to manage the VIP swap in cloud service extended support via Powershell

Azure Container Registry: the first cloud registry to support the OCI Specifications 1.1

Part 3: Architectural Cost Optimisation – Practical Design Steps for Architects and Developers

OT Cloud Enablement – Azure Active Directory Tenant

AKS Design Review Series – Part 1.1: Networking – Ingress / Egress

Setting up Row Level Security (RLS) on an Azure SQL DB/SQL MI by utilizing Azure AD groups

Initial access techniques in Kubernetes environments used by Kinsing malware

Azure SQL VM: Azure Backup & restore for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines [Ep.10] | Data Exposed

Manage your multi-cloud identity infrastructure with Microsoft Entra

What is the 5G Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF)?

Leverage Flexible Server’s Business Critical service tier for mission critical applications

Connecting to Snowflake using Key-Pair Authentication in Azure Data Factory

Video: Manage your multi-cloud identity infrastructure with Microsoft Entra



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