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2023/01/25 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Azure Native New Relic Service: Full stack observability in minutes

Cloud to Edge for efficient, agile, and sustainable retail

Azure Update

General availability: Mount Azure Storage as a local share in App Service Windows Code

General availability: Application security groups support for private endpoints

Generally available: Indirect enterprise agreement on Azure Cost Management and Billing

Microsoft Tech Community

Take your Azure CLI skills to the next level

Lesson Learned #302: System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid

AKS Review – 3.1: Security – Prevention

Azure DevOps Pipelines: Leveraging Stages with YAML Objects

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Linux and Microsoft Defender for Servers

End-to-End Data Lineage from Spark Big data Environment

Accelerate your Azure cloud management using Azure Cloud Shell with Predictive IntelliSense

TomPo – Lineage of Data Model and Reports

Automating the setup of Azure SQL Managed Instance Link

An automated approach to migrate WordPress sites running on Windows App Service to Linux

Pipeline Logic 2: OR (at least 1 activity succeeded or failed)

What’s New in Azure Networking – January 2023 edition

Lesson Learned #303: Can not connect to the database in its current state.



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