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2023/02/14 のピックアップ

Microsoft Tech Community

Lesson Learned #328: Login failed for user ‘xyz’

Part 4: BizTalk Server Migration to Azure Integration Services – Ask the Experts with Daniel Probert

Speech Service Update – Pronunciation Assessment is Generally Available

User Managed Identity support for Auditing Azure SQL Database is in Public Preview Now.

Lesson Learned #329: DATABASEPROPERTYEX( DB_NAME() , ‘Updateability’ ) and db_datareader role

Build a conversational SMS bot with Azure Communication Services and Azure OpenAI

Major Version Upgrade in Azure PostgreSQL Flexible Server – Public Preview

Defender for DevOps – Configuration of DevOps Pipeline Classic and YAML method

Codename Project Bose: Calculate Azure Cost of an Enterprise by cost centers, divisions, projects

Azure Event Hubs Dedicated Self-Serve Scalable Clusters GA for Mission-Critical Streaming Workloads

Protect Your Data in Azure to Be Ready to Recover

What is an Azure Load Balancer?

Designs for Accomplishing Microsoft Sentinel Scalable Ingestion

Recently released: Updates to DacFx and Microsoft.Build.Sql

General availability of Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime in Azure Synapse Analytics

Speech Service Update – Hierarchical Transformer for Pronunciation Assessment



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