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2023/02/17 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

7 reasons to join us at Azure Open Source Day

DDoS Mitigation with Microsoft Azure Front Door

Microsoft Tech Community

Using Dual Mode dimension in Power BI with ADX data

Accessing Microsoft Graph Data with Powershell

Configure LDAPS within Azure VMware Solution

Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server connector for Power Automate and Logic Apps (PREVIEW)

Using Azure NetApp Files AVG for SAP HANA to deploy HANA with multiple partitions (MP)

Azure Synapse analytics (dedicated SQL pool) data modelling best practices

Announcing Public Preview of Caching for ACR

Consuming Microsoft Defender for Cloud Data

You can now customize the return value from your pipeline!

Terraform on Azure February 2023 Update

[Customer Story] Teaching digital literacy to all with Azure Lab Services at CUHK

How Microsoft Security wants to help you take your fandom and turn it into global influence!

Lesson Learned #330: Blocking issues Sch-M and Sch-S

SQL Server 2022: Security, scalability, availability [Ep. 4] | Data Exposed

Microsoft Defender for Identity now detects suspicious certificate usage



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