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2023/02/23 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Azure Managed Lustre—Parallel file system for HPC and AI workloads

Exploring mTLS setup to send a client certificate to the backend and OCSP validation

Azure Update

General availability: Azure Sphere OS version 23.02

Public preview: Azure Managed Lustre

GA: Create disks from CMK-encrypted snapshots across subscriptions and in the same tenant

Microsoft Tech Community

Compute Intensive workloads gain better price-performance on Azure Dlsv5/Dldsv5 VM in public preview

New YouTube channel for Azure Database for MySQL

Leveraging Blob Inventory Report for Gaining Container Level Insights

General availability: ADX Dashboards

Reporting on Storage Account Access Tier Statistics

Proacting Hunting with Cloud Security Explorer in Defender for Cloud

Azure Managed Lustre – Benchmarking our new Azure storage solution

Enabling Synapse and Azure ML pipeline workflows

Build a low code conversational SMS bot with Azure Communication Services and Azure OpenAI

Azure HPC OnDemand Platform: Visualizing Data with ParaView

Enable simulation scenarios by ingesting large graphs in Azure Digital Twins through the Jobs API

UTF-8 and Japanese collations support for Dedicated SQL pools is now GA!

Setup Azure DevOps Self Hosted Agent On-Premise & Troubleshooting Guidelines