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2023/03/15 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Announcing Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture: Accelerating innovation across the agriculture value chain

Microsoft to showcase purpose-built AI infrastructure at NVIDIA GTC

Azure Update

Public preview: Azure Cognitive Service for Vision Powers State-of-the-Art Computer Vision Development

Microsoft Tech Community

Security considerations for Integration Account in multi-tenant Logic Apps

Using Logic App Standard to connect to SAP

Bring all your workloads to the edge with AKS Edge Essentials. Now Generally Available!

Form Recognizer previews document classification, Azure OpenAI integration and lots more

Automating Block Blob Backup

How To Convert Parquet Files into GeoJson Files and Save it in Data Lake using Synapse Notebooks

How to expose NGINX Ingress Controller via Azure Front Door and Azure Private Link Service

Easy way to migrate an existing PHP site with MySQL to Azure App Service.

How to choose the right Azure services for Java: Q and A with Ajai Peddapanga

Mainframe to Azure partners