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2023/03/23 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Connect, secure, and simplify your network resources with Azure Virtual Network Manager

Azure Update

General availability: Reserved namespaces for subdomains

General availability: Azure Virtual Network Manager

Public preview: Azure Maps Creator – Improved indoor maps onboarding and new Features API

Microsoft Tech Community

Downloading Files from Azure Container App to your Local Machine via Azure Blob Storage

Free Event Hub data analysis with Azure Data Explorer

Azure Container for PyTorch is now Generally Available in Azure Machine Learning!

Azure Policy for Azure Container Apps? Yes, please

Start from zero and scale to zero – Azure Spring Apps consumption plan

Multi-Column Distribution for Dedicated SQL pools is now GA!

Connections rejected by DoSGuard (error 18456 state 113)

Part 1b – azd-ify an App Template with existing Bicep files

How to perform Error Analysis on a model with the Responsible AI dashboard (Part 4)

Expand your skills in backend web development using Python

Accelerating NAMD on Azure HB-series VMs

Apply CIS compliant Azure Security baselines through Azure Automanage!

Build Intelligent Applications using Azure OpenAI ChatGPT & Azure Cosmos DB