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2023/03/28 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Public Preview: Azure Chaos Studio is now available in Brazil South region

Generally available: Simpler way to renaming Network Interface (NIC) and Disks for protected VMs in Azure Site Recovery

Generally available: Resource governance for client applications in Azure Event Hubs

Generally available: Migrate from a Run As account to Managed Identities using Azure Site Recovery

Generally available: nconnect support for Azure Files NFS v4.1 shares

Microsoft Tech Community

Scale-up a primary Nodetype using Powershell

How ChatGPT Plugins (could) work

Improved experience for managing the default Azure security recommendations

Automated Secure Infrastructure for Self Hosted Integration Runtime in Azure Data Factory Terraform

Azure Maps Creator onboarding

Azure Functions: Version 4 of the Node.js programming model is in preview

Announcing the 3-year retirement of Windows Server 2019 on Azure Kubernetes Service and AKS hybrid

Codename Project Bose: Part 2 – how to implement the codebase from GitHub repo

Changes to Service Fabric Release announcements