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2023/03/29 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Public Preview: Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore

Microsoft Tech Community

How the Search Service Authenticates to Access an Azure SQL Database

Steps to install Drush on Azure App Service.

What’s new: Sentinel Solution for SAP BTP

Custom plugin creation and integration with JMeter and Azure Load Testing

What’s new with Microsoft Sentinel at Secure

2023 State of Cloud Permissions Risks report now published

Create alerts for your Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool

Announcing Defender CSPM GA & new data security capabilities in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

A proactive and comprehensive approach to data security with Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Learn how Microsoft Purview Information Protection discovers and protects your most sensitive data

Streamline your multi-cloud assessments with Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager

Now Open Source: nxtools, managing Linux IaC just got simpler using Automanage machine configuration

Training large AI models on Azure using CycleCloud + Slurm

Microsoft Learn: Programming Databases with Transact-SQL for Beginners

Lesson Learned #340: Storage and Memory allocated by Columnstore Indexes

Network architectures and topologies with Lab Plans

Provision Azure AD Joined Windows 365 for users with special scenarios