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2023/05/04 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Preparing for future health emergencies with Azure HPC

Microsoft Cost Management updates—April 2023

Azure Update

Generally available: Serverless SQL for Azure Databricks

Generally Available: Azure Backup Server V4

Generally Available: Ebsv5 and Ebdsv5 NVMe-enabled VM sizes

Microsoft Tech Community

Introducing Real-Time Database Availability Monitoring

Transforming Your Data Lake: Implementing Slow Change Dimension with Synapse

Checklist for Migrating Web Apps to App Service

Move to Azure with a Web App

Mitigating Downtime and Increasing Reliability: Strategies for Managing Complexity in the Cloud

Microsoft’s OpenAI Hackathons: Fostering Continuous Learning and Innovation

Power Up your BI with Microsoft Power BI and Azure Databricks Lakehouse: part 1 – Essentials

Azure Backup: Best Practices for Secure Data Protection and Restoration

Part 2 – How to build your first app using Power Apps | Power Fx & Power Automate basics

Increased remote storage performance with NVMe-enabled Ebsv5 VMs now generally available



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