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2023/06/30 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Public Preview: Default Rule Set 2.1 for Regional WAF with Application Gateway

Microsoft Tech Community

A Quick Guide to Benchmarking AI Models on Azure: ResNet with MLPerf Training v3.0

AI-based CLI interactive mode

Azure IoT Hub expands support for Azure Availability Zones

PGSQL Phriday #010: You’re Invited to Dive into the World of pgBadger

Protect against PaperCut vulnerability with Azure Firewall Premium

Continuous Export as Trusted Service to Event Hub

New App Health Recommendations in Microsoft Entra Workload Identities

Lesson Learned #387:Monitoring Query Data Store State Changes in Azure SQL Database using PowerShell

Split Microsoft Sentinel Tables with Multi-Destination Data Collection Rules

Continued region expansion: Azure Data Factory just became generally available in Sweden Central