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2023/08/23 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Generally available: Cross Subscription Restore for Azure Virtual Machines

Public preview: Rate-limit rules for Application Gateway Web Application Firewall

Update type on your application insights troubleshooting guides by 31 March 2024

Microsoft Tech Community

Migration of containerized services from GKE to AKS

How to remove the PHP X-Powered-By header from HTTP response for PHP 8.x apps on Linux App Service

Modernization through Tiger Bridge Hybrid Cloud Data Services

Introducing Microsoft Playwright Testing private preview

Announcing new enhancements for Azure VMware Solution

Manage Access to Microsoft Sentinel Workbooks with Lower Scoped RBAC

Strengthening Your Defenses: Simulation Testing for Azure DDoS Protection

Oracle migration insights from the real-world customer use cases | DBMS_OUTPUT ≠ RAISE NOTICE

Announcing general availability of FSLogix 2210 hotfix 2!

📢 Announcement !! Premium Integration Account and Enhanced EDI Connectors

Delegating permission management using Roles vs WITH GRANT OPTION

Nexus: AI powered app using Microsoft Graph for enhanced collaboration and productivity



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