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2023/08/29 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Welcoming the generative AI era with Microsoft Azure

Upgrade to App Service Environment v3 today and unlock new capabilities

Azure Update

Azure App Configuration – public preview release of snapshots feature

Preview: Export Cost Management data to secure storage accounts with firewall

Microsoft Tech Community

Using Automation Runbook Webhooks To Alert on Databricks Status Updates

External REST Endpoint Invocation is now GA!

SAP HANA on Azure NetApp Files – System refresh & cloning operations with BlueXP backup and recovery

Microsoft Entra Private Access: An Identity-Centric Zero Trust Network Access Solution

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention: Announcing general availability of several capabilities

Autoscaling Azure PostgreSQL Server with Automation Tasks

Capgemini and Microsoft are transforming customer experiences with intelligent communications

DNS Zone linking is no longer enforced when creating Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server

SAS Code Migration into Open-Source Language by Using Azure OpenAI