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2023/09/01 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Public Preview: Azure Log Alerts support for Azure Resource Graph (ARG)

Azure Firewall: Auto-Learn SNAT routes feature is now in public preview

Azure Firewall: Explicit Proxy is now in public preview

Azure Firewall: Poland Central Region is now in general availability

Azure Firewall Single-Click Upgrade and Downgrade is now in general availability

Generally Available: Azure Monitor VM Insights using Azure Monitor Agent

Microsoft Tech Community

Handling concurrent requests with Python on Azure App Service Linux using Gunicorn and Flask

Diagnose performance bottlenecks of your web app with Azure Load Testing

Implementing Pagination with the Copy Activity in Microsoft Fabric

Important: Update to deviceRegistrationPolicy Resource Type for MS Graph Beta API Version

Azure Firewall: New Features and Region Availability

What’s new with Postgres at Microsoft (August 2023)

Agentless Discovery for Kubernetes is now offered as part of Defender for Containers

Save up to 50% on select Dv3 VMs in US West for a limited time

Save up to 50% on select Linux VMs in Sweden Central for a limited time

Powering the next generation of Digital Operations with Windows IoT and Azure Kubernetes Service

Ramp up with me… on HPC: Understanding Virtual Machines, CPUs, and GPUs