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2023/09/12 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Accelerating the pace of innovation with Azure Space and our partners

Azure Update

Introducing Graph Semantics in Kusto, a new way to contextualize time series data

Azure Front Door Standard and Premium support bring your own certificated based domain validation

Microsoft Tech Community

From Blobs to Insights: Your Guide to Smart Storage Lifecycle Policies

Lesson Learned #425:Azure SQL Database Failover Group Endpoint: A Deep Dive into DNS Resolution

AKS Egress Traffic demystified

Run Your Spring Boot 3 App on Azure Spring Apps

Introduction to Azure DevOps Workload identity federation (OIDC) with Terraform

Lesson Learned #426:Identifying and Mitigating Query Regressions in Azure SQL using Query Data Store

Azure Machine Learning and DataRobot Team Up to Accelerate Value of Generative and Predictive AI

Sending Azure Cost Management to Azure Data Explorer/Fabric KQL DB