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2023/09/15 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Real-world sustainability solutions with Azure IoT

Azure Update

Generally available: Azure Ultra Disk Storage is now available in UK West

Preview: Cross Region Restore (CRR) for Recovery Services Agent (MARS) using Azure Backup

General availability: Selective Disk Backup and Restore in Enhanced Policy for Azure VM Backup

Preview: Save Azure Backup Recovery Services Agent (MARS) passphrase to Azure Key Vault

Azure Machine Learning – Public Preview for September

Microsoft Tech Community

Boost your CICD automation for Synapse SQL Serverless by taking advantage of SSDT and SqlPackage CLI

Windows 365 Enterprise – Points of Clarification and PoC Proven Practices

Microsoft Entra ID named leader in KuppingerCole’s Access Management Leadership Compass

Azure Database for MySQL – August 2023 updates and latest feature roadmap