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2023/09/16 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Important Notice: Azure Product Retirement: End of Life Announcement of Azure Sphere classic CLI on 30 September 2024. Replace with Azure Sphere CLI

Azure Maps Gen1 Price Tier will be retired on 15 September 2026 — transition to Azure Maps Gen2 Price Tier

Project Azure FarmBeats will be retired on 30 Sep 2023 – transition to Azure Data Manager for Agriculture.

Retirement: Azure AI Document Intelligence v2.0 API will be retired on 31 August 2026

Announcing Azure FXT Edge Filer Retirement

Microsoft Tech Community

[Eventhub] How to receive diagnostic log from Storage Accounts on different Subscriptions to EH

Installing AzureMonitoringAgent and linking it to your Log Analytics Workspace

Announcing the Preview of OpenAI Whisper in Azure OpenAI service and Azure AI Speech

Updates to Azure AI Speech Service pricing