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2023/09/19 のピックアップ

Azure Update

General Availability: Malware Scanning in Defender for Storage

Microsoft Tech Community

Generally Available: Azure Update Manager

Get certificates with Azure Key Vault extension to your Linux VMs

Init Containers on Azure Container Apps

Join Microsoft at Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas

How Bing Chat Enterprise works with your data using GPT-4

Capturing lifecycle events from your Azure Managed Application deployments

Azure Cognitive Search: Outperforming vector search with hybrid retrieval and ranking capabilities

Microsoft Entra Internet Access: An Identity-Centric Secure Web Gateway Solution

Init Containers in Azure Container Apps : File Processing

Generally Available: Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 Extended Security Updates enabled by Azure Arc

Announcing General Availability of SQL Database Hyperscale short-term backup retention up to 35 days

Announcing General Availability of SQL Database Hyperscale long-term backup retention

Lesson Learned #429:Leveraging the Full Range SQL Server INT Data Type: Negative and Positive Values

Azure Functions Newsletter – September 2023

Azure SQL Edge Update – September 2023

Announcing Public Preview of NVMe-enabled Ebsv5 VMs offering 400K IOPS and 10GBps throughput