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2023/09/20 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

How we interact with information: The new era of search

Microsoft mitigated exposure of internal information in a storage account due to overly-permissive SAS token

Azure Update

Public preview: Alerts timeline view

Authenticate Azure Monitor logs connector in Logic App with managed identity

Azure Service Fabric 10.0 Release

OpenAI Whisper model in preview in Azure OpenAI service and Azure AI Speech

Microsoft Tech Community

Function app deployment from Azure DevOps never complete

Deploy a Custom Vision App on Azure App Service with Zero Downtime Deployment using Deployment Slots

It’s time to 🍂 #FallForIntelligentApps 🍂

Monitoring Azure Sphere fleet and device health

Ledger database vs ledger tables

Automate your load tests with CI/CD in just a few clicks

Announcing general availability of Azure Virtual Desktop Custom Image Templates

Azure AD Rename Rollout and Resources

Azure savings plan for compute: How the benefit is applied