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2023/12/08 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Infuse responsible AI tools and practices in your LLMOps

Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft Entra Private Access protections for on-premises & private cloud network resources

Identity-centric Internet Access protections | Microsoft Entra

Expansion of Azure Health Bot Template Catalog to Include PTSD screener

The Twelve Days of Blog-mas: No. 7 – Architecture Visuals – for Your Reference or Your Own Docs

🚀 Smart load balancing for OpenAI endpoints and Azure API Management

Data Vault 2.0 Modelling on Synapse Data Warehouse

Author API Management policies using Microsoft Copilot for Azure

Azure Communication Services December 2023 Feature Updates

The countdown is on! Discover resources to upgrade your App Service Environment today

This Month In Azure Static Web Apps | November & December 2023

Challenges of Containerized App Portability in Kubernetes

Azure Event Grid’s Pull Delivery Performance