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2024/04/11 のピックアップ

Azure Blog

Microsoft Cost Management updates—March 2024

Azure Update

Public Preview: Mirroring Azure Cosmos DB in Microsoft Fabric

Public Preview: Long-term retention for Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server

General Availability: Azure Database for PostgreSQL – Flexible Server networking with Azure Private Link

General Availability: Virtual private network (VPN) with Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra

General availability: Extensible key management using Azure Key Vault for SQL Server on Linux

Azure Red Hat OpenShift April 2024 updates

Microsoft Tech Community

Optimize Azure OpenAI Applications with Semantic Caching

Easily deploy a pgvector-enabled PostgreSQL server to Azure

Windows Server Summit Wrap Up

Extend your data security to Microsoft Fabric

Harnessing Local AI: Unleashing the Power of .NET Smart Components and Llama2

Build a serverless ChatGPT with RAG using LangChain.js

Announcing MQTT Last Will and Testament Public Preview in Azure Event Grid

HP Anyware extends Windows 365 Cloud PCs to new audiences

Architecting Secure Gen AI Applications: Preventing information leaks and escalated privileges

Catch this new season of Tackling Tech

How to troubleshoot blobfuse2 issues

Azure Monitoring Packs – V2 is out!

The Ultimate Guide to Deciphering Azure Agents + Defender for Servers: Part 3