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2024/04/17 のピックアップ

Azure Update

General availability: Azure Virtual Network encryption availability in all regions

Microsoft Tech Community

Mastering Serverless Chatbots with Azure and LangChain.js: A Comprehensive Guide

02 Model and capability evaluation (pre-fab, OSS, fine-tuning, bespoke training)

Visionary Disruption: High-level Insights with Azure Video Indexer & GPT-4 Turbo with Vision

Linux and Open Source on Azure Quarterly Update – April 2024

General availability of enhanced Geo-Disaster recovery with read replicas

Advanced RAG with Azure AI Search and LlamaIndex

eBPF-Powered Threat Protection using Inspektor Gadget

eBPF-Powered Threat Protection using Inspektor Gadget

Announcing the Public Preview of Azure Change Analysis New Portal Experience

Azure OpenAI offering models – Explain it Like I’m 5

Patient Referral Document Summarization using Azure OpenAI