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2024/04/19 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Using Azure Virtual Network Manager network groups in security admin rules is now in public preview

GA: Azure Monitor log search alerts support managed identities

Azure Machine Learning data collector is now generally available

General availability: HBv4-series & HX-series VMs are now available in Sweden Central.

Azure Data Box Disk is now available with hardware encryption

Microsoft Tech Community

Exploring AI Development and Management: A Journey through Contoso Chat and LLM Ops

How to use M dynamic parameters without most of it’s limitations

Using Bing with GenAI: from Sales Strategy to Compete Analysis

Run Azure Load Testing on Azure App Service web apps

Enforce least privilege for Entra ID Company Branding with the new Organizational Branding role

Build Great AI Apps using Azure SQL DB Hyperscale | Data Exposed

Apply critical update for Azure Stack HCI VMs to maintain Azure verification

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Use iPerf3 on Windows

Introducing Meta Llama 3 Models on Azure AI Model Catalog