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2024/06/19 のピックアップ

Microsoft Tech Community

Matter WakeUp System AI

Lesson Learned #503: Lessons Learned Using JDBC Logging with Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server

Generative AI, from your local machine to Azure with LangChain.js

Announcing Zone Redundancy and Multi-Region Capabilities in Azure Landing Zones

Simplifying Cloud Security with Azure Firewall Manager and Illumio

Announcing enhanced multicloud integration enabled by Azure Arc

What’s new in Azure AI Translator: document translation?

Announcing the Public Preview of Upgrade Policies for Virtual Machine Scale Sets with Flexible Orche

June 2024: Azure Updates undergoing maintenance

MAM (preview) for Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

Generative AI Technical Patterns: Chat with Your Data

Public preview: Create multiple prefixes for a subnet in an Azure Virtual Network

Logic Apps Standard – New Hybrid Deployment Model (Preview)

Week of June 18, 2024: Azure Updates

Markdown Language: An Essential Tool for Programmers