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2023/08/18 のピックアップ

Azure Update

Generally Available: Durable Functions for Python v2 Programming Model

Generally Available: Application Insights integration for the Azure Functions .NET worker

Generally Available: SDK type bindings in Azure Functions

Public Preview: Azure Elastic SAN Updates: Private endpoints & shared volumes

Public Preview: Custom NFSv4.1 ID Domain in Azure NetApp Files

Microsoft Tech Community

General Availability: Azure DMS – Migrate MySQL user accounts and privileges

Azure Database for MySQL – July 2023 updates and latest feature roadmap

Move backups in Recovery Service Vault from LRS/GRS to ZRS while not preserving the data

Azure PowerShell Functions – connect SFTP and Storage Account

Troubleshooting “InvalidBlock” Exception during upload operation

Proactively secure your AWS Cloud Resources with Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Azure Cognitive Search and LangChain: A Seamless Integration for Enhanced Vector Search Capabilities

Scenarios with private endpoints to Azure SQL Managed Instance

Ubuntu Server to Ubuntu Pro in-place upgrade now available in public preview

Azure Storage Mover can now migrate your SMB shares to Azure file shares.

Integer Type Available for Pipeline Variables

Want to build a Copilot for your app? Semantic Kernel & Prompt Flow for Beginners