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2023/09/14 のピックアップ

Azure Update

New in Kusto: `.show databases entities` command for viewing tables, functions, and more

Public Preview: Azure Cosmos DB Javascript SDK v4.0

General Availability: Azure SQL updates for mid-September 2023

Public Preview: Configure customer-managed keys on existing Cosmos DB accounts

General availability: Use Azure Key Vault to securely store and retrieve access key when mounting Azure Storage as a local share in App Service

Generally available: Higher default value for Azure Functions Event Hubs max batch size

Microsoft Tech Community

Azure App Service Limit (1) – Remote Storage (Windows)

Azure App Service Limit (2) – Temp File Usage (Windows)

Azure App Service Limit (3) – Connection Limit (TCP Connection, SNAT and TLS Version)

Azure App Service Limit (4) – CPU (Windows)

Azure App Service Limit (5) – Memory (Windows)

Best practices for utilizing Azure SQL to host Mainframe Data Tier & Workloads

Generative AI in Azure Machine Learning: Operationalizing app development for AI transformation

How Tenant Restrictions v2 Can be Used to Prevent Data Exfiltration

SMB NTLM blocking now supported in Windows Insider

SMB dialect management now supported in Windows Insider

Tutorials : Integrate Application Gateway with App Service behind Private Endpoint